We've had a Wonderful Semester: Let's Review!


we've competed in 11 tournaments and In Debate we've had...

2 Double-Octofinalists,

13 Octofinalists,

9 Quarterfinalists,

10 Finalists in Congressional Debate,

9 Top 10 Speaker Awards,

And 25 Tournament Champions!

Novice: Aditi Chatradhi (Public Forum), Sanika Mauskar (Public Forum), Shriya Nandwani (Public Forum), Varun Joshi (Public Forum), Jessica Oliveira (Public Forum), Alexis Toney (Public Forum), Ammar Syed (Public Forum), and Roshni Varma (Public Forum), Anvee Bhutani (Lincoln-Douglas), Ahnay Ramesh (Lincoln-Douglas), Jon Telebrico (Lincoln-Douglas), Renee Radusewicz (Policy), Avani Mylvara (Policy), Aayush Sutaria (Policy), Anish Patel (Policy), Darya Kaviani (Speaker in Policy)

Varsity: Pranav Govindaraju (Parliamentary), Akaash Tawade (Parliamentary), Jonathan Pham (Congressional), Roshni Varma (Public Forum), Rahul Ramakrishnan (Public Forum), Teja Veeramacheneni (Public Forum), Rahul Devarapalli (Public Forum), Vardhaan Ambati (Public Forum), Prahlad Anand (Public Forum)



In Speech we've had...

44 Semifinalists,

49 finalists,

And 10 Tournament Champions!

Varsity: Bharathi Arasan (Expository Speaking) , Arjun Biju (Humorous Interpretation, Original Prose and Poetry), Pranav Govindaraju (National Extemporaneous Speaking), Margo Salah (Dramatic Interpretation)

Novice: Aastha Khare (Original Oratory), Emma Skeet (Oratorical Interpretation), Aayush Sutaria (International Extemporaneous Speaking), Caitlyn Redfern (Dramatic Interpretation), Eshan Gupta (National Extemporaneous Speaking)


And as a Team we’ve had…

1 Welcome Potluck,


2 Sweepstakes Awards,

7 Team Blitzes,


1 Team Scavenger Hunt,

1 Blitzgiving,


And our first ever Alumni Reunion!

Complete with pizza and cupcake making!

Complete with pizza and cupcake making!


We'd like to thank everyone who supports our team. None of this would have been possible without the continued support of our teachers, administration and parents who make our program possible. We look forward to another semester of competition, team bonding, and life lessons.

To the Empire!