This Nationals tournament we brought our biggest team yet, and had an amazing experience both competitively and culturally. Following are individual's placements at Nationals:

Conor Sherry (Humorous Interpretation) - 4th

Eshan Gupta (International Extemporaneous) - 6th

Amelia Whitney (Dramatic Interpretation) - Quarters (Top 30)

Sameer Keswani (Humorous Interpretation) - Quarters (Top 30)

Liz Mau (Informative Speaking) - Quarters (Top 30)

Esha Bhatia (Dramatic Interpretation) - Octos (Top 60)

Maddie Whalen (Informative Speaking) - Octos (Top 60)

Maddie Davis (POI) - Octos (Top 60)

Julian Sanghvi (Humorous Interpretation) - Octos (Top 60)

Mukil Pari (International Extemporaneous) - Octos (Top 60)


Aayush Sutaria (Congress) - Semis

Arushi Lahiri/Kirthi Ponnuswamy (Policy) - Round 10 (Top 30)