The Berkeley National Tournament is a unique opportunity for students to be immersed in MSD culture while having a great time competing with their friends. This tournament occurs during the President’s Day weekend from February 15th to February 18th. This year, we were able to bring 71 competitors to this unique invitational; from singing tunes on the bus to TM circles to walking around the campus to grab food, all the competitors were immersed in culture over the course of the weekend.

Competitively, the tournament was a huge success for Archbishop Mitty. We had 14 people make it to the finals in their speech events with 2 tournament champions: Jasmine Yee and Connor Sherry. In debate, we had 3 teams make it to Triples in LD with Lukas Krause making it to Doubles, Aalok Patwa and Mohul Aggarwal made it to the Doubles in Policy Debate, and in PF Roshni Varma and Darya Kaviani were able to advance all the way to Octos!

In overall standings, Archbishop Mitty placed 1st in the speech sweepstakes and 2nd in the overall sweepstakes–an astounding achievement!