With MLK on the horizon coming into the spring season, everyone on the team was enthusiastic for this historic tournament. This tournament progressed over January 19th and 20th, with debaters also participating in 2 rounds on Friday afternoon, January 18th; the length of the tournament forced competitors to remain disciplined and healthy over the course of this long weekend. Thankfully, we had Monday off to catch up on homework and sleep!

Out of the 94 teams competing in the Martin Luther King Jr. Invitational, we took home first place in the sweepstakes–for the 4th year in a row! Additionally, we had 5 tournament champions (won 1st in their speech event): juniors Naman Dandia, Cailey Larmore; seniors Vedant Vamshidhar, Riya Dhoopar, and Conor Sherry. We also closed out Policy Debate with juniors Arushi Lahiri and Kirthi Ponnuswamy, and seniors Rose Gatlin and Malavika Ramarao named co-tournament champions in the event!

Congratulations to the approximately 125 students who competed in this tournament! Our success and accomplishments have set the stage for future invitationals this semester as well as the state tournament.

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